Despite the difficulties and limitations due to the COVID-19 virus, OKITE® confirms you that there has been no slowdown in the delivery of our products.

Therefore, continuity of order fulfillment is guaranteed.

As for the delivery of products, we emphasize that, as stated by the World Health Organization in its guidelines of February 27, 2020: “At the moment, there is no epidemiological indication that suggests that contact with goods or products shipped by countries where the COVID-19 virus has spread is the source of COVID-19 infection for humans”. WHO will continue to closely monitor the evolution of the virus, updating its recommendations as needed. “

Therefore, currently, there are no reasons that justify the delay or refusal to receive our products.

We are confident in the procedures adopted by our Government and confident of the resolution of the epidemic in the shortest possible time.

In the meantime, we confirm that our offices are available for all your needs.